This Stall In Bangkok Has Been Selling 10 Baht Basil Pork Rice For 50 Years


  • There’s a no-name stall in Bangkok that has been selling Basil Pork Rice for only 10 Baht
  • The stall has not increased the price of the dish for 50 years
  • They are now available for online order here

When we talk about Thai food, most of us will immediately think of Tom Yum Kung. Of course, the food scene in Thailand is vast, ranging from stir-fry dishes to skewered dishes and the list goes on. One notable Thai dish that we guarantee you’ve all tried before is Basil Pork Rice. But did you know that there’s a no-name stall here in Bangkok that has been selling 10 Baht Basil Pork Rice for 50 years?

No-Name Stall In Bangkok Selling 10 Baht Basil Pork Rice

Basil Pork Rice, or “Pad Kra Pao,” is a stir-fry dish that’s packed with aroma mainly because of the incorporation of basil leaves. With minced pork, dark soy sauces and most importantly, basil leaves, you’ll get a plate of aromatic, irresistible Basil Pork Rice. However, there are some who render the fragrance of basil leaves ‘unpleasant’.

10 Baht Basil Pork Rice Bangkok
Photo: Wongnai (Facebook)

Despite that, we can all agree that Basil Pork Rice is a crowd-favourite. This stall in Bangkok has been selling Basil Pork Rice for a mere 10 Baht. And the best part is that the owner/chef has been maintaining the price for 50 straight years.

10 Baht Basil Pork Rice Bangkok
Photo: Wongnai (Facebook)

According to the chef, although he maintains the price of 10 Baht for each plate of rice, he never suffers a decrease in sales as customers constantly return for more. Of course, when food is good AND this cheap, what’s there not to love, right?

10 Baht Basil Pork Rice Bangkok
Photo: Wongnai (Facebook)

Order And Enjoy From Home

Despite the fact that dining-in is restricted in Bangkok, you can still try out this renowned Basil Pork Rice that’s the talk of the town. Just place an online order here and have it delivered to your doorstep. Now, who says you can’t enjoy good food while staying home?

Address: Somdej Chao Phraya, Khlong San, Khlong San District, 10600 Bangkok

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