Famous Fried Pork And Rice At Legendary Eatery – Moo Tod Jeh Jong In Bangkok

A Local Favourite

Moo Tod Jeh Jong is a historical restaurant in Bangkok that serves a staple Thai dish called Moo Tod (Fried Pork). The owner, Jeh Jong, started her journey by selling Moo Tod from a humble street cart. Fast forward to the present, Jeh Jong sells over 400kg of meat per day and has 10 branches all over Thailand!

You Get An Unlimited Refill Of Vegetables And Rice

Plate Of Fried Pork With Sausages And Rice
Photo: Bangkok Foodie

Moo Tod is fried marinated pork eaten with plain rice. But here at Moo Tod Jeh Jong, you have the option of pairing it with other Thai dishes such as sausages, fried crab meat and more. On top of that, you get an unlimited refill of vegetables and rice!

The Fried Pork And Rice At Moo Tod Jeh Jong Is Affordable And Fulfilling

A Man Frying Thin Pork Cutlets In The Kitchen
Photo: Bangkok Foodie
Golden Brown Fried Pork Cutlets In A Large Bowl Before Slicing Moo Tod Jeh Jong
Photo: Bangkok Foodie

First, the thin pork cutlets are marinated in a special sauce that generally includes soy sauce, garlic and pepper. After coating it in the house-made batter, the crispy golden brown pork cutlets are brought out to the serving station near the front of the entrance, where onlookers queuing up get a peek at what’s to come.

A Mountain Of Sliced Fried Pork On Chopping Board Moo Tod Jeh Jong
Photo: Bangkok Foodie

The freshly cooked pork cutlets first go through a machine that trims it into long slices of pork. It is then further hand-chopped into thinner pieces, and plated onto a bed of white rice.

Pair Your Fried Pork Rice With Other Side Dishes

Worker Plates A Fried Pork Rice Dish With Side Dish Moo Tod Jeh Jong
Photo: Bangkok Foodie
Photo: @jehjong (Instagram)

In addition to the fried pork, you can get a side dish for an additional 10 baht! This includes meats and vegetables such as minced pork, spicy sausages, fried fish curry patties and more. A fried pork rice with 1 side dish will only set you back 36 Baht!

Don’t Forget To Add The Thai Red Chilli Fish Sauce

Red Chili Fish Sauce On Fried Pork Rice Moo Tod Jeh Jong
Photo: Bangkok Foodie

The beauty of Moo Tod is that it is loved by locals of all social standings. Rich or poor, this staple Thai dish brings people together from all walks of life. To eat it like the locals, it is highly recommended that you top your dish with a sauce consisting of red grounded chilli and fish sauce. 

Dining In Is Suspended While Takeaway And Delivery Is Still Available

Photo: ร้านหมูทอดเจ๊จง (Facebook)
Photo: ร้านหมูทอดเจ๊จง (Facebook)

Due to the recent shutdown of restaurants, Jeh Jong has suspended its dine-in operations. However, you can still get your Moo Tod cravings by takeaway and delivery! For more information on its takeaway system, you can click here to view the instructions.

ร้านหมูทอดเจ๊จง Moo Tod Jeh Jong

Address: 348 Kasem Rat Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Operating Hours: 5am – 4pm (Daily)

Contact: 083-013-2574 or 087-543-6222

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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