NEW: Lay’s Quirky Sausage Cheese Bite Potato Chip Discovered At Local 7-Eleven


  • Lay’s produce another fun flavour; Sausage Cheese Bite.
  • Each packet costs 20 Baht each.
  • Found at a local 7-Eleven store.

Lay’s Thailand is famous for coming up with unique and local flavours. As a Foodie, we enjoy taste testing their fun experiments and when it’s good, we will share it with each other. This is why we are very excited to inform you of our new discovery on Lay’s unusual flavour; Sausage Cheese Bite potato chip.

Lay's sausage cheese bite
Photo: @BangkokFoodie

Sausage Cheese Bite Potato Chip

Cheese flavours are almost too common to be found with any kind of snacks. However, ‘sausage cheese’ is a whole different delight. To capture the joy of eating sausages on a chip is definitely a next level gastronomy magic right there. Each packet will only cost 20 Baht each. You can find them at any 7-Eleven store near you.

Lay's sausage cheese bite
Photo: @BangkokFoodie

Only In Thailand

Lays Thailand consistently adds unique flavors to the classic potato chip. Tourists often love them and they will sneak a few bags into their suitcases because the flavours simply can’t be found anywhere else outside of Thailand. If you get the chance to taste one of these Cheese Sausage Bite potato chips, share with us your thoughts in the comment section.

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