This Van In Bangkok Was Spotted Providing Free Essentials To The Public

There’s no denying the fact the pandemic has severely affected our livelihoods. With the recent surge of cases in Bangkok as well as the most recent lockdown, many are struggling to survive. In trying times such as these, any form of aid will come in handy to many. Take, for example, this pickup van that offers free food and essentials to the needy.

Spot This Pickup Van At Samut Prakan Offering Free Essentials

All that we know about this pickup van is that it’s an initiative by the ร้านข้าวแกงละเวิกบางพลี (Rawerk Curry Restaurant). They offer all sorts of essentials from vegetables, bento boxes, eggs, seafood, and essential products.

Photo: @泰國清邁象 (Facebook)

Now what’s amazing is the way these vegetables are neatly stacked and arranged at the trunk of the van. These essentials are given for free to the public and there’s always a queue of citizens seeking to receive some goodies.

Photo: @泰國清邁象 (Facebook)

With a snaking queue from the public, the team handling this pickup van also provides every recipient with hand sanitizers because hygiene is of utmost importance.

Photo: @泰國清邁象 (Facebook)

Every time they come around Samut Prakan, there will be 500 bento boxes and 400 sets of living supplies kit.

Photo: @泰國清邁象 (Facebook)

Aside from this kind of offer from the local restaurant, the government is also eyeing more cash handouts to those affected by COVID-19. It is true that every single one of us is affected by the pandemic in different ways.

Photo: @泰國清邁象 (Facebook)

A Tiny Help Goes A Long Way

So as long as we can, let us all give a helping hand to one another to weather through this storm together.

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