Landlord In Thailand Waives 3 Months Rent And Provides Free Food To All Tenants

As we continue to battle the pandemic, it is no doubt that a majority of our livelihoods are severely affected. From facing retrenchment to dealing with starvation, the list goes on. Let’s not dwell on those and instead talk about a kind and generous deed by an anonymous landlord here in Thailand.

Kind-Hearted Landlord Waives Rent And Gives Out Free Food

During trying times like these, no one is having it easy. Especially in crucial times like these that we can use all the help we can get. Such is this kind act by a thoughtful Thai landlord in an apartment in Raminthra 99, Bangkok.

Kind landlord Thailand
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The anonymous landlord waived a 3-month rent for all his tenants. In addition to that, he even offered free food at each of the tenant’s doors. And the reason he does this? To offer a token of encouragement for his tenants to stay afloat during difficult times.

Kind landlord Thailand
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In case you’re wondering, the free food consists of instant noodles, rice, canned fish, and Ovaltine. Each goodie bag comes with a heartfelt note offering encouragement to get through trying times together.

Kind landlord Thailand
Photo: (Website)

A Story To Make Your Day

Truth is, we all need such a kind and understanding landlord in our lives too. If you know of anyone who has helped you out in any way, don’t forget to say thank you and show them some appreciation in return.

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