Visa Extended For Foreigners In Thailand As 2nd Automatic Extension Is Approved


  • Stranded foreigners get 2nd automatic extension
  • Extension for another 3 months
  • Visas expired since 26 March to extend till 31 July

With close to a week left before the nationwide curfew is lifted, the nation is slowly getting used to a new normal. Shops are slowly reopening and businesses are getting back on track. However, there has been the worried thousands of foreigners who can’t leave the country due to the lockdown.

Foreigners In Thailand Get Automatic Extension For The 2nd Time

In order to avoid large crowds at immigration centres, the Cabinet of Thailand has approved a second automatic visa extension for all foreigners in Thailand. The visas will be extended for another three more months. Government spokeswoman Narumon Pinyosinwat said foreigners with visas that had expired since 26th March, would be granted automatic extension until 31st July 2020.

Photo: AFP

The first visa extension was granted until 30 April. Since the situation in other countries has not slow down, many foreigners will most likely be stranded in Thailand even after the curfew is lifted. Hence, to prevent massive queues at immigration centres nationwide, a second extension has been granted by the government.

Photo: Reuters

Thailand had declared a state of emergency on 26 March. Then, a consecutive nationwide curfew has taken place on 3 April till end of this month. The country has since temporarily closed it borders and banned entry to foreigners, except diplomats and work-permit holders.

Photo: Pattaya Expats Club (Facebook)

Stay Home And Avoid Crowding Up Places

It has been urged for the people to stay home as much as they can and prevent from gathering at places. This includes handling of officials documents such as visas and permits. Even though new cases of Covid-19 has been dropping each day, but it’s still highly advised for the people to keep your guards up and be cautious. Just today, there is reportedly 15 new cases and 1 death, adding to a total of 2,826 Covid-19 positive cases nationwide.

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