LATEST: Here Are The Full Highlights Of Updates By The Royal Thai Government On 21st April 2020



  • As of today, new cases: 19; deaths: 1, total cases: 2,811
  • Extension on the ban of alcohol sales till 30th April 2020
  • Repatriation flights scheduled for Thai citizens overseas & area for state quarantine have been prepared

Daily Updates By The Royal Thai Government As Of 21st April 2020

In today’s press conference by the Royal Thai Government, representative of the Minisitry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand Mr Natapanu Nopakun has covered several crucial points in light of the current nationwide curfew that’s taking place. The full highlights are as below:

Photo: @PinoyThaiyo (Facebook)

The Latest Numbers Are Slowly Decreasing

Health officials have reported a total number of 19 new cases of Covid-19 positive patients. This accumulates to a total of 2,811 cases nationwide. Sadly, there’s a recorded of one death today, bringing a total of 48 deaths due to Covid-19. Out of the 2,811 recorded Covid-19 cases, 2,108 patients have recovered and discharged accordingly.

Extension Of Alcohol Sales Ban

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has extended the ban on the sale of alcohol till the end of the month. The ban was first slated to be lifted on 20th April but has since been extended till the end of the curfew.

Repatriation Flights Have Been Scheduled

Photo: @PinoyThaiyo (Facebook)

Three repatriation flights from Taipei and Japan, carrying a total of 220 people combined, have been scheduled to arrive in Thailand today. The flights have been postponed to today since it was scheduled on 18 April. All of those returning home will be sent to quarantine centres and undergo a compulsory 14-day state quarantine.

In Hopes Of A New Normal

Since the curfew has kicked in beginning of April, a total of 672 violations against the curfew has been recorded. Hence, the government hopes the nation is able to achieve a “new normal” during the following days of the curfew. This goes in par in hoping that the people will remain patient in trying times even though the numbers are decreasing.

Stay Cautious Even If Numbers Are Dropping

Photo: Reuters

People are urged to adhere to the curfew and be cautious even though the numbers are slowly decreasing day. Mr Natapanu has expressed that the people cannot let their guard down even when things are looking up. The government are undergoing of possibly easing the restrictions in latter days but that doesn’t mean that it will be taken out.

Watch full video of the press conference here.

Feature images are from Reuters.

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