Bangkok’s Chinatown Is Coming Back To Life As The Rate Of Infection Slows Down

Signs Of Life After Quiet Weeks

The Covid-19 outbreak has shown that even the world’s busiest streets can clear out at times of seriousness. That does not exclude one of the busiest streets in Bangkok – Yaowarat road or better known as Bangkok’s Chinatown. The once overly-crowded street filled with both locals and tourists have been left with empty buildings and countable cars whizzing through. However, things are starting to look up.

Yaowarat Road Is Slowly Back To Business After Infection Rate Decreases

Photo: The Nation Thailand

Finally, some great news in sight! Yaowarat Road is slowly going back to normal with street vendors back in business and shoppers walking around. This comes after consecutive days of decrease in the number of infection rate in Thailand. As of Friday, 17th April, there are 28 reported cases of infected patients in the country.

Photo: The Nation Thailand

According to The Nation Thailand, many shops at the famous street decided to reopen since Tuesday. There was even a line outside the gold shops as people were queueing to sell off their gold with the price hike in gold. Even though shops are opened, most of them are still donning face masks to protect themselves from the virus.

Photo: The Nation Thailand

Just two weeks ago, a nationwide curfew begun to take place whereby no one is able to go out from 10pm to 4am up till the end of the month. This meant that businesses can only open till early evenings on the daily. Well, it seems like the measures that the country has taken to curb Covid-19 may very well be proving effective!

Two Weeks Left On The Nationwide Curfew

Photo: (Instagram)

With the rate of infections decreasing slowly every day, things maybe able to go back to normal next month. Of course, it’s still highly advised to practice great hygiene and precautionary steps in times like this. Here’s to hoping that the outbreak is able to be contained and subdued in this period of time before the curfew ends.

Feature image: The Nation Thailand

Adapted from: The Nation Thailand

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