Here Are The 22 Rules Bangkok Nightlife Entertainment Venues Need To Follow

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) have made a verbal agreement to allow entertainers to restart work, as Bangkok nightlife operators prepare the re-opening of bars and pubs in July. However, the operators are unhappy with the stringent list of 22 rules or safety measures required of them.

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  1. Limited number of guests.
  2. Body temperature screening.
  3. Hand sanitizers located at entrances and exits.
  4. Limited to 5 people per group.
  5. Provide enough space for queues.
  6. Tables 2 metre apart.
  7. Customers seated 1 metre apart.
  8. Maintain good ventilation.
  9. Restrict dancing and singing.
  10. Replace menus with single-use paper sheets.
  11. Only serve drinks in glasses.
  12. Staff to wear face masks and shields.
  13. Install partitions to separate crowds from performance areas.
  14. No shouting or wandering around.
  15. Performers to wear face shields.
  16. Use of personal cutlery.
  17. Cleaning of premises every 30 – 60 mins.
  18. Sanitize frequently touched areas once a day.
  19. No competitions and group activities.
  20. No bar games like pool or darts.
  21. Ensure social distancing in smoking areas.
  22. Ban product presenters from sitting with guests.
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The CCSA Will Confirm Re-Opening Of Bangkok Nightlife This Friday

CCSA will hold a full board meeting to discuss the viability and safety measures, as they prepare to enter the fifth phase of loosening Covid-19 restrictions.

Source: Bangkok Post

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