Bangkok Encourages Social Distancing On Its Public Transport By Taping Stickers On Seats

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) and Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) are taking all necessary precautions to keep their people safe. On top of disinfecting buses and trains, they are encouraging civilians to practice social distancing by putting tapes and stickers on its seats to indicate “no seat zones”.

Photo: MRT Bangkok Metro (Facebook)
Photo: BMTA องค์การขนส่งมวลชนกรุงเทพ (Facebook)

BMTA Are Applying Clear Regulations For Service Users

The main operator of public transit buses within the Greater Bangkok area, BMTA, have applied easy-to-follow regulations for the public. Bus drivers will label a message on the front mirror of the bus indicating the availability of seats. In the case of it being full, fare collectors will hold up a sign to show civilians to wait for the next available bus.

Bangkok Is Doing Everything They Can To Keep Its Public Transport Clean

In addition to the social distancing regulations, buses and trains are regularly sanitized by disinfecting contact points such as seats, handles and railings.

Photo: MRT Bangkok Metro (Facebook)

The Ministry of Transport has encouraged all public transport users to wear a face mask before using its services. Stores selling essential items such as face masks and sanitizers have been set up at stations. Hand sanitizers are also placed at various points in the station.

Photo: MRT Bangkok Metro (Facebook)
Photo: MRT Bangkok Metro (Facebook)

From disinfecting stations and encouraging social distancing, we are glad that Bangkok is doing its part to keep people safe. For more information, please see links below!

Link(s): MRT (Facebook)BMTA องค์การขนส่งมวลชนกรุงเทพ (Facebook)

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