Thai Govt Creates Special Face Masks For the Deaf That Comes With Transparent Window

Foodies, we have great news! The Thai government has come up with new protective face masks that will allow the deaf to communicate while wearing it. It comes with a transparent window in the middle, so that people who communicate using sign language will be able to lip-read and get the full message!

The Face Mask Design Was Adapted From Similar Designs Used In Other Countries

Deputy director-general of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Anira Thinon, said that the design was adapted from designs from other countries.

The chic cloth masks are produced with the standard three-layered cloth that will keep respiratory droplets from spreading.

Photo: Spring News

Sign Language Interpreters And Poor Deaf People Will Receive Face Masks For Free

Ms Anira says that the department will start producing these face masks later this month and will be distributed for free to sign language interpreters and poor deaf people. She added that some of them will be put on sale as well.

Photo: Spring News

The Department Encourages Public To Donate Materials

The department also urged the public to donate materials that will aid in producing these special masks. In addition, they will be launching an online tutorial on how to make these special masks. Good job Thailand!

Photo: Spring News

Sources: Bangkok Post, Spring News

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