This Instagram-Worthy Cafe In Siam Square Is The Definition Of Flower Power (Bangkok)

Roam freely, and you will notice that Bangkok is filled with interesting finds in every corner. Known for its absolutely quirky cafes, Bangkok houses charming cafes including a unicorn-themed cafe, and train-themed cafe. So many cafes, so little time! Through our findings, we have found a cafe that is absolutely gorgeous, from its beverages to decorations! Check this out.

Beautiful flowers in every corner, and beverages, too!

Photo: @ommy_mymo (Instagram)
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Photo: @toogoodforyou.official (Instagram)

Introducing Too Good For You, a small cafe tucked in the bustling Siam Square. This is the spot that you will need to visit to elevate your Instagram game. With walls covered with colourful artificial flowers in all shapes and sizes, this cafe definitely stands out from the rest. Strike a pose in front of the mirror, as it appears to be the spot to take a photograph for the ‘gram!

Photo: @toogoodforyou.official (Instagram)
Photo: @toogoodforyou.official (Instagram)
Photo: @toogoodforyou.official (Instagram)

Let’s not forget to order yourself a beverage from the golden bar. Matching the decorations in the cafe, the Instagram-worthy colourful beverages are topped off with real flowers. Hey Rosie! is one of its bestselling beverage. The pink drink comes with chia seeds and topped off with cream cheese. Additionally, you can get your hands on dragonfruit with chia seeds, and premium Yakult with coconut gels.

Step up your Instagram game

Photo: @toogoodforyou.official (Instagram)

The beverage menu at Too Good For You offers healthier ingredients with chia seeds, butterfly pea, and sweet potato. There are desserts available on the menu as well such as soft-serve in a chimney cone. Head down to Siam Square, and this little cafe will be hard to be missed with colorful blooms all over! What’s your favourite cafe in Bangkok right now?

Address: Lower Ground, Siam Square 1.

Operating Hours: Opens daily, 10:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

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