Cornetto’s Colourful Hokkaido Milk Rainbow Ice-Cream Is Now Available In 7-Eleven Thailand


  • Cornetto’s colourful Hokkaido Milk Rainbow is now available at 7-Eleven Thailand.
  • It is priced at 20 baht per cone.

Just a week ago, Cornetto’s Black Hojicha was making waves around the Internet across all countries. For all the good reasons, of course! The limited-edition ice-cream is completely black in colour. Cornetto’s Black Hojicha’s classy packaging is definitely a standout in the ice-cream freezer. Sink your teeth in, and you will find a surprise filling waiting for you. Is it a must to try this new creation? Yes! Here’s another one!

Cornetto’s Colourful Hokkaido Milk Rainbow

Photo: Cool End Photo (Facebook)

Make way for something colourful! That’s right, it is a total opposite from Cornetto’s previous drop, Black Hojicha. Inspired from another ingredient from Japan, Cornetto has recently dropped Hokkaido Milk Rainbow at all 7-Eleven outlets in Thailand. The magical packaging looks like it has been designed by a unicorn with swirls of colours all around.

Photo: Cool End Photo (Facebook)

Similar to other Cornetto ice-cream, the Hokkaido milk ice-cream is topped with colourful pastel balls. Let’s not forget about the pink component, too!¬†According to people who have tried it, the Hokkaido milk flavour is considerably mild, and the taste is sweet. Now available, this ice-cream is priced at 20 baht per cone. Instagram-worthy, nice, and affordable sounds like good reasons to try!

Time To Head Down To 7-Eleven Thailand

Photo: Cool End Photo (Facebook)

Stepping into 7-Eleven in Thailand, there will be bound to be many things that you want to get your hands on. From a variety of interesting sandwiches to the different flavours of Lays! The party doesn’t stop at the ice-cream freezer. But, this new creation by Cornetto is definitely worth checking out. Will you be heading to 7-Eleven Thailand to try Cornetto’s Hokkaido Milk Rainbow? Let us know in the comments!

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Cover Photo: Cool End Photo

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