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Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream Is Now Available In 7-Eleven Thailand


  • Lotte I’m Mochi Vanilla Ice Cream is now available in 7-Eleven Thailand
  • Priced at only THB 35, there are 2 pieces per box
  • Available at all 7-Eleven outlets in Thailand

Hi foodies! As we all know, the 7-Eleven in Thailand is really out of this world. It’s literally a snack paradise whenever you walk into any 7-Eleven outlets. In fact, Thailand’s largest 7-Eleven is in Pattaya, boasting 2-storeys and an in-house cafe. Architectures aside, we’re gonna be digging into yet another rare find spotted in 7-Eleven Thailand. It’s none other than Lotte I’m Mochi Vanilla Ice Cream.

Get These Chewy Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream From 7-Eleven Thailand

As we all know, mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake that’s a favourite because of its chewy texture. To some of us, mochi is like the versatile on-the-go snack that we can enjoy at any time of the day. Then, the invention of combining ice cream fillings into mochi is an idea that is ingenious. It’s like a combination of the best of both worlds in one tiny chewy dessert.

Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream 7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: @7-ElevenThailand (Facebook)

We’re sure everyone has come across the Lotte brand, right? Lotte’s history began by a South Korean businessman in Tokyo way back in 1948. Years later, he brought the brand back to his ancestral country in South Korea in 1967. Since then, we have been blessed with confectionaries that made our lives much sweeter.

Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream 7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: @7-ElevenThailand (Facebook)

Lotte’s Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream goes by the name of I’m Mochi (Vanilla). Hailing all the way from Japan, it’s now available for purchase in 7-Eleven Thailand! This Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream is perfect as an after-meal dessert. With its chewy mochi texture coupled with melt-in-your-mouth vanilla ice cream filling, what’s there not to love?

Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream 7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: @7-ElevenThailand (Facebook)
Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream 7-Eleven Thailand
Photo: @7-ElevenThailand (Facebook)

You’ll get a pair of these Lotte Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream priced at 35 THB per box. Soft and sweet, it’s one combo that you won’t wanna miss out on. Get yours today!

Featured Image: @Taluydak | @7-ElevenThailand (Facebook)

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