This Hidden Cafe Has The Most Instagrammable Pond With Giant Lotus Leaves In Phuket

When in Phuket, we often do the same old things whenever we’re on an island – beach activities! Either it’s on the beach or in the waters, you’ll find yourself trying to get every inch of that sunlight as much as possible. Of course there’s so much more to the popular island than you thought. Today we’re bringing you a brand new place where you can soak in all the Phuket sun as well!

Ma Doo Bua Cafe: An Insta-Worthy Pond With Large Lotus Leaves

Photo: @isnamtarn (Instagram)


You can’t deny, the sight of a pond full of giant lotus leaves is pretty remarkable. Vibrant greens contrasted against the reddish brown walls of both the hotel and cafe. The wooden boat in the middle of the lake truly just ties everything together. A picturesque scenery right here at Ma Doo Bua Cafe, it’s hard not to take a million pictures over here!

Photo: @ree.tima (Instagram)
Photo: @lilesik (Instagram)

Hidden behind An Pat Hotel, this cafe is perfect for those who wants to up their feed. They even provide drone photography services for those who would like to get the ultimate aerial shot of you on the boat. Besides that, there are tons of insta-worthy spots here that’s enough for you to spend the entire afternoon.

Creative Fusion Thai Dishes That’s As Delicious As It Looks

Photo: @yukanta (Instagram)

Because an insta-worthy cafe can only be complete if their food is equally as good as the atmosphere is. Well, that’s the case for Ma Doo Bua! Serving a creatively curated menu of Thai Fusion dishes, their food is not only aesthetically pleasing but taste delicious as well. Try out their highly-raved Three-Crunchy Styles Lotus Stem Salad that’s highly addictive! Of course, if you’re still fan of classic Thai dishes, you can enjoy them here.

Photo: @mymintzzzzz (Instagram)

Drinks & Desserts You Cannot Miss Out On!

Photo: @monahimona (Instagram)

Apart from the wide variety of amazing Thai and fusion cuisines that Ma Doo Bua has to offer, their beverage is another thing you cannot miss out on. Definitely worth trying is their Tom Yum-inspired drink Tom Yum Soda! If

Don’t Miss Out On Them When You Visit Phuket

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Ma Doo Bua Cafe

Address: 310/51 Moo 1, Baandon-Cherngtalay Rd., Thalang Phuket, Thailand.

Operating hours: 9am – 10pm (Daily)

Contact: +66 63 593 9939

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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