McDonald’s X Doraemon Limited Summer Set Menu Looks So Adorable

Hello Foodies, we bet you miss travelling especially to the foodies’ heaven – Hong Kong. McDonald’s Hong Kong and Macau have collaborated with Doraemon to come out with a limited-time summer set menu! Take a look below and found out how adorable and cute they look!

McDonald’s x Doraemon

Photo: (Instagram)

The Ebi Series

Photo: McDonald’s Hong Kong (website)
Photo: @playeateasy (Instagram)

In addition to the Pineapple Shrimp Bao and Fish Fillet, this year they launched a new Fried Onion Shrimp Bao too! The combination of crispy onions and spring-fried shrimp cakes definitely gives you a kick on the palate.

Shake Shake Fries

They also have Sakura flavoured Ebi seasoning and Lobster soup flavoured seasoning. This is a must-try for those who love the Shake Shake Fries!

Taro McFlurry


New flavoured alert! They also have Taro flavoured McFlurry too and Red Bean Custard Pie!

Only Available In McDonald’s Hong Kong And Macau

Already drooling looking at it! When are these cuties going to be available in Malaysia?

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