McDonald’s Thailand Has The Cutest Hello Kitty Farm Doll & Bag For A Limited Time Only

Over the years, there are many cute Japanese characters that were on the rise. However, one of the biggest characters, Hello Kitty, remains undefeated over the past few decades. If you love everything about the fashion icon (yes, Hello Kitty is considered as a fashion icon), you will be happy to know that McDonald’s is currently offering Hello Kitty Farm Doll & Bag for a limited time only!

McDonald’s Thailand Has The Cutest Hello Kitty Merchandises

Photo: McDonald’s Thailand (Facebook)

Behold the cutest Hello Kitty merchandise of all time. Just announced on its official website, McDonald’s Thailand is now offering Hello Kitty collectibles. In this collection, there are eight Hello Kitty Farm Dolls to collect, and one Kitty Bag as well! Some of the Hello Kitty Farm Dolls are dressed in other notable Japanese characters’ costumes, such as Gudetama, Melody, Kerokeropi, and Badtz-Maru!

Photo: McDonald’s Thailand (Facebook)

Kitty Bag features Hello Kitty in a basket with several other fruits. The white bag is complete with red sling straps. There are three ways to get your hands on these! First, you can get it when you order Fruit Farm McNuggets Set (199 baht). This set comes with McNuggets, fries, a beverage, and a Hello Kitty Farm Doll. Or, get eight pieces of Hello Kitty Farm Dolls (699 baht). 

Photo: McDonald’s Thailand (Website)
Image: McDonald’s Thailand (Website)
Photo: McDonald’s Thailand (Website)

This set comes with all the Hello Kitty Farm Dolls without the need to order any food or beverages. Can’t leave without the Kitty Bag? You can get eight pieces of Hello Kitty Farm Dolls and Kitty Bag (1111 baht). With that said, it will be an additional 412 baht to get a Kitty Bag, after deducting the price for eight pieces of Hello Kitty Farm Dolls (699 baht).

Available for a limited time only

Photo: @jaredbw79 (Instagram)

Throughout the years, McDonald’s Thailand has rolled out many Hello Kitty collectibles. We are sure that this wouldn’t be the last time, too! This time around, this collection is so hard to pass for Hello Kitty fans. There’s just something very captivating about Hello Kitty dressed in other Japanese characters’ costumes. Will you be heading down to the nearest McDonald’s Thailand? Let us know in the comments!

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