Enjoy McThai’s Newly Released Sundae Ice Cream With Pineapple Pie

A match made in heaven!

  • McThai released A-la-Mode Pie.
  • Each bowl costs ฿49.
  • Choose between pineapple and corn for pie filling.
  • Available at all outlets except Kidzania, Phi Phi Island, Impact Muang Thong Thani, Challenger, and all airport branches.
The desserts at McThai never disappoint and we all know it. Whenever we step into the restaurant, we just have to stare at their menu for hours. Especially when figuring out which dessert to try. If choosing one is hard, then why don’t we combine them all instead?
Pie A-la-Mode McThai
Photo: @McThai (Facebook)

McThai Pie A-la-Mode

McThai’s ice cream is amazing, so is their pie. But why bother choosing when you can just take them both? McThai had recently combined our delicious soft cold ice cream with piping hot pie! Better known as Pie A-La-Mode, you can now get a bowl for only ฿49. Plus! You can also choose between pineapple and corn for your pie.

pie a-la-mode mcthai
Photo: @omlstw (Twitter)

Available At All Outlets

You can get this delicious concoction at every outlet except Kidzania, Phi Phi Island, Impact Muang Thong Thani, Challenger, and all airport branches. According to Mcthai’s Facebook post, the offer had already started since the 16th Sept and it immediately became a hype in social media. The pineapple filling definitely shines more because of it’s mild sour flavour that added a zing to the sweet dessert.

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