10 Tips On How To Stay Healthy & Maximise Time During Covid-19 Outbreak

Your Physical & Mental Health Both Matters

Sawasdee, foodies! As the number of positive Covid-19 cases keep increasing, we need to do our best and stay at home. Since we are going to have to stay at home for quite some time and as social creatures, some of us might find that difficult. So, here we have 10 tips you can follow to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

10 Tips For Preparing To Stay At Home During This Movement Control Order

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1. Eat regularly and consume healthy foods

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Having to stay at home for two weeks does not mean you have to live on non-perishable foods and canned goods. We are still allowed to go out to shop groceries and while you’re at it, stock up on some healthy food such as fruits. Get fresh groceries that can last for a few days so that you can cook your own meals. Now’s the perfect time to try those bookmarked recipes. Or, opt for GrabFood and satisfy any of your food cravings.

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2. Drink plenty of water and take health supplements

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Food isn’t the only thing that keeps you alive. You must remember to drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated. Have a couple of minutes to spare? Try cutting some fruit and adding it to your water. You can add fruits like – lemon, strawberries, oranges. Or, for some freshness, try cucumber and voilá! Even with these added Vitamin C from the fruits, do take some tablets as well to boost your immune system.

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3. Do some light exercises at home and keep your fitness up

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Now that you are eating healthy, it’s also good to incorporate some exercise into your stay-at-home routine. Don’t sit at home and lay dormant for two weeks, remember to move your body and do some light exercise. Have you been working for hours and need a quick pick-me-up? Do some stretching or yoga. It’s as simple as following a short yoga video on YouTube to get your body moving – thank us later.

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4. Watch some Netflix or play some games to destress

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Now that we are all stuck at home for some time, there’s only one other thing that we can do – watch telly or Netflix. You know all those shows and movies you’ve been meaning to watch but never get around to? It is time to make a list and get watching! If TV isn’t your thing, there are always board games to play. Bring out the competitive side in you and play a few rounds of Monopoly with your family. It’ll be a blast, for sure.

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5. Avoid being too isolated and check in with your friends or family

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We cannot stress this enough but, don’t isolate yourself too much. Social distancing is important but, being forced to stay inside when you’re usually surrounded by people can be quite tormenting. So, check in with people. Text or better yet, call your friends or family and ask how they are doing. Even if you can’t hang out with some of your favourite pals in real life, a two-hour chat on the phone might just lift your mood.

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6. Do some spring cleaning at home and keep your surroundings clean

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For some of us, cleaning might be therapeutic and we feel all content when we’re scrubbing away. If that’s not you, shoo and go watch some soothing cleaning videos instead on your phone. Okay back to addicted-cleaners – this is a perfect time to do some spring cleaning. Make a list of chores and check them off one by one. We’re already here clapping for you, you go girl (and boy)!

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7. Go online and keep yourself updated but beware of fake news

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The world is already panicking with the onslaught of Covid-19 so don’t add any more fuel to the fire by spreading fake news. More importantly – don’t cave in to media reports that are blowing this pandemic out of the water. Stay connected and go online but make sure to verify your sources. You should only trust legitimate news from organisations such as the World Health Organisation and your preferred local news distributor.

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8. Build a suitable routine and work smart to maximise your time

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Most of us should already be working from home and we can all understand if it’s a little hard to stay concentrated. Well, you should build a suitable routine and stick to it. Wake up, shower, do some light exercise, have breakfast, park yourself somewhere comfy and…get to work! It might be a little tricky in the first few days but we know you can do it! Work smart (not work hard) and make the most out of your time at home. For those of you still studying, no more procrastinating and get those assignments done!

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9. Spend some quality time with your family

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This one’s for all the parents, you can now spend some (if not, more) quality time with your kids. We’re sure that your kids appreciate all the hard work that you do for them but now that you’re all home, it’s time for some good ol’ family bonding! Have a reading session with your young ones, play a game together, or even do some baking. Whatever it is, have a lovely time and keep each other safe as well as healthy.

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10. Practice good hygiene and keep track of your health

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Last and possibly most important, we encourage all of you to practice good hygiene and keep track of your health. The best prevention (even at home) is to wash your hands thoroughly. See above for steps on how you should wash your hands for maximum cleanliness. In addition, we must keep track of our own health (physically and mentally), so make sure you are not experiencing any recognisable Covid-19 symptoms. If you are, seek a healthcare professional immediately and get tested.

Check Out These Infographics Below For Common To Rare Covid-19 Symptoms You Could Be Experiencing

Photo: @johorfoodie (Instagram)
Image: @johorfoodie (Instagram)
Photo: @johorfoodie (Instagram)
Image: @johorfoodie (Instagram)

10 Tips For Preparing To Stay At Home During This Covid-19 Outbreak In Thailand

There you have it, those are 10 tips that you can follow to stay safe and maximise your time. Yes, keeping our physical health at an optimum is very important during times like this but let’s not forget about our mental health. Stay healthy, check how your loved ones are doing, and keep a clear head. We wish everyone good health and stay safe! Bye for now!

*First reported from Buzzfeed News

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