Major Stores In Thailand Will No Longer Give Out Plastic Bags Starting From 2020

Happy December fellow foodies! As December zooms in, there’s something that we must let you guys know too. Starting from 2020, a majority of stores across Thailand will no longer be giving out plastic bags. Yay to being a country that’s environmentally friendly! Just keep scrolling to know more gist about this article.

No Plastic Bag Initiative To Be Introduced By 1st January 2020

This is under the ‘Everyday Say No to Plastic Bag’ initiative whereby the Thai government has already banned a majority of environmentally harmful products throughout the years. Also, did you guys know that each year, Thailand produces up to 2 million tonnes of plastic waste? That’s a lot of plastic waste right there. So, this no plastic bag initiative has the aim to save up to 30 percent of plastic usage across the country.

Thailand No Plastic Bag By 2020

The gist of this article lies in the fact that by 2020, Thailand citizens will no longer be given single-use plastic bags at a majority of stores. In addition, the stores include 43 major convenience and department stores such as AEON Co. and CP All. If you must know, they are the companies that own up to 10,000 7-Eleven stores across Thailand.

So, as we get ready to ring in the New Year, we are also welcoming the no plastic bag initiative. This means that by 1st January 2020, the major stores will cease providing single-use plastic bags to shoppers. That isn’t all, by 2022, the Thai government also intends to ban the usage of straws and styrofoam packaging.

Thailand No Plastic Bag By 2020

As of November 2019, 7-Eleven has already kicked off this initiative as they introduce fabric reusable bags and only provide plastic bags for hot foods, wet foods, meats as well as fruits. However, there are also some parties who let out a negative response towards this initiative. What do you guys think of this?

Thailand No Plastic Bag By 2020

Regardless, we reckon this initiative will be a perfect way to kick off year 2020. Happy New Year and Happy No Plastic Bag Year!  😎

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