Wall’s Rolls Out Purple Potato & Bubble Pearls Ice Cream Makes Sunny Days Cooler

Hello Foodies! The boba craze has been around for so long, we thought that the phase will end soon. Guess we were wrong because this new version of the beloved beverage could be an upgrade of the previous craze!
purple potatoes & bubble pearls
Photo: @Tha.Nud.Chim (Facebook)

Ice Cream For Hot Sunny Days

purple potatoes & bubble pearls
Photo: @Tha.Nud.Chim (Facebook)
Recently, Bangkok’s popular ice cream brand, Wall’s, introduces its latest twist to our beloved street beverage. This Japanese Purple Potato & Bubble Pearls ice cream might just be your go-to dessert on a tropical hot day. Just walk over any mall near you and get your pint of ice cream now for only ฿79. However, you can also just order it online, or buy it from your usual ice cream tricycle.
purple potatoes & bubble pearls
Photo: @mini.icecreamhouse (Facebook)
Open the lid and you will find generous dollops of boba. Cooldown your body with the smooth milky ice cream and experience the joyful chewy boba bouncing in your mouth. Don’t worry, it’s sold all over the country so you can find this Insta-worthy dairy delight literally anywhere.

A Delight To Your Palate

purple potatoes & bubble pearls
Photo: @Tha.nud.chim (Facebook)
This new concoction is sure to bring delight and become a much-needed mood-booster for us in this dire era. Do not lose hope yet and hopefully, it will pass soon. If you get the chance to taste this festive beverage, make sure to tell us your opinion in the comment section below!

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